Nan Lonmo


Nan began painting at the age of eight (as shown in the photo taken in southern British Columbia in 1950.) Her parents painted in oils as a hobby and encouraged her and her siblings to do so as well.
Nan painting at the age of eight
Recent photo of Nan
She attended evening art classes at Nepean High School. Later, she went to the Ottawa School of Art and studied Japanese brush painting, interpretive realism, free expression, architectural drawing and life drawing. She loves flowers and enjoys putting them in different settings.

She was a member of the Ottawa Art Association, the Ottawa Watercolour Society and the Bells Corners Art League (now the Nepean Fine Arts League.) Her paintings have been exhibited at the Ottawa Little Theatre, libraries, the Cultural Activities Center, the Ottawa City Hall, the Nepean Sportsplex, the Department of External Affairs in the Lester B. Pearson building in Ottawa and the Oakville Centennial Galleries.

Some of her other interests include stained glass, ikebana and photography. Her art promotes the awareness and appreciation of nature. She uses high quality art supplies. Her paintings are all painted with Windsor&Newton paints. She paints on gesso coated masonite, stretched canvas or acid free Arches paper. Her art teachers include: Mary Mckleish, Ralph Burton, Tomoko Kodama, Tom Dubicanic, Gary Barnhart, Leonard Gerbrant, Jerry Grey, Morton Baslaw and Ken Finch.
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